What to Expect When You Work with a DUI Lawyer

After an arrest for DUI, a driver must make sure they're careful to do everything right to minimize the penalties they're facing. The driver will not want to try to handle everything on their own, especially if this is their first arrest. Instead, they'll want to make sure they speak with a Sacramento DUI attorney right away. There is a lot the attorney will do to help them.

Look into Avoiding a Conviction

Just because a person is arrested doesn't mean they're guilty and will be convicted. It's possible for someone charged with a DUI to avoid a conviction and have a clean criminal record. However, it does take help from a Sacramento DUI lawyer. The lawyer will look into the evidence against the person to see what can be excluded from the case to prevent a conviction. They may be able to show the stop was not legal, show that the breathalyzer results were incorrect, or otherwise show that evidence is not admissible and, therefore, there is not enough evidence for a conviction.

Look into Minimizing Penalties

Avoiding a conviction might not be possible. When this is the case, the DUI Attorney in Sacramento will then start looking into what can be done to minimize the penalties the person is facing. They might need to look into obtaining a plea deal that allows the person charged to plead guilty to a lesser offense or work to convince the judge that the arrest was due to an error in judgment that won't occur again so the judge will be more lenient during sentencing.

Help Dealing With DMV and Driver's License

The courts are not the only concern for someone who has been charged with a DUI. In most cases, their license will be suspended even if they haven't gone to court for the case yet. An attorney can help them request a hardship license so they do not completely lose their ability to drive and get to work. If they are granted a hardship license, their driving will be limited, but they can continue to go to work and run necessary errands.

If you've been arrested and charged with a DUI, you need help fast. Before you do anything else, contact a Sacramento DUI attorney to start working on your case. They will be with you through the entire process, minimize the penalties you're facing, and help with everything you need to do to put this behind you. Contact an attorney today to get started.